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relations. from nottingham, steve tsang, professor of contemporary chinese studies. thank you for joining us. you have been weighing in on the conversation on facebook and twitter. chinese authorities have not labeled it a terror attack. initial reports say it was a traffic accident. those have been all but ruled out. eyewitnesses describe the vehicle. it drove into a pedestrian area, weaving through the crowds, hitting terrorists and police. slamming into a bridge. then, exploding. >> it is hard to explain. the car just seemed to appear. nobody noticed it. we were standing there and suddenly, it came towards us. luckily, i moved a step to the side and the car rushed past. later, it seems to be on fire. only when we were far away did i look back and see that it was on fire. then, the police came over. >> steve tsang, when you heard the story, what was your first thought? >> the information that we have been given so far really do not suggest that it was a suicide terrorist attack. we do not have evidence that the car exploded -- it was not a car bomb. the idea that you have three suicide ter
youtube steve james and that no one should be in the nineteen ninety two said that its support to groups in kashmir was not stalled the us would have predicted focused on as a stitch on some of those. we have information indicating that are inside and of those and then continue to provide material support to groups that having his students. i must dig up information based industry. from vegas that was in her condo focused on small wooden board to the us writes in his new book. he was voted monday button on its package of sanctions be applied against its own to be supporting acts of internationalism and i have this possibility of cutting open his mission the decision is that the guardian notes in his bull markets and delusions little was desolate been the coolest blacks than you assemble it is from above the us in the form of an office information that your intelligence the isi and elements of the army of supporting fresh meaty and sikh militants who got the optimism not stopping points included the book says the board comprised are awaiting victims training and assistance and patrician b
. the eye he wanted to buy into. steve johnson the use of policing unit useful to me. we are into this season. start small the noodles and told them the corner. it is we walked there will be what you are going to get a popup with the duvet we're all about the government. we all love the photo. so we had a chat former proprietor could afford it. the room. kennedy and if you can see. tools. i could chew the charm of global ethics or dirty wars of the german state to discuss america's covert wars and ethical repercussions and loathe the term collateral damage. i just despise that it makes work easier to wait when you don't see the other as a human being and so a lot of my reportage is the end of the human eyes people of the other sides of the ever real debate this country. not an abstract one of our people that are caught at a crisis and is her classroom. today is sunday ten am and late season form recently the only explanation was that within the strictures for the two styles. nineteen sixty four the shinkansen bullet train was will's first place people it's technology that
10 minutes. from the culinary institute of america, for "teen kids news," i'm steve. mmm. >> coming up, we go to the circus, and i get to meet an elephant. >> who doesn't love the circus? alexa visited one that bills itself as having a lot of soul. >> [ vocalizing ] >> when you go to the circus, you expect to see acrobats, wild animals, and other incredible acts from faraway countries. as zeke explained to me, the universoul circus certainly has all that. >> we bring different people from china. we bring them from africa. we bring them from brazil. we bring them from france. jean claude -- he's out of france. we go to africa. we go all over the world. >> ♪ lean back, lean back ♪ i said, my...don't dance ♪ just pull up our pants >> what makes this circus different from other circuses? >> what makes it different to me is that it's more interactive. you're not just sitting out there, looking at the show. you actually become a part of the show. we get kids in the audience dancing. that's one of my thrills. >> as one of the cohosts, zeke interacts with the audience throughout the s
mash ups starting with the mulder steve is taking on the phone book from a malcolm bruce tried to break their three game losing streak and are down seven i have put a comeback in the third and simpson humid hot. moby is still too much for them from dumont scored nineteen. rod benson gets his fifth double double and boldly for the eighty two and seventy meanwhile i'm the anti dc visiting. lg seekers can someone say kids can't get it done on the fence and their downfall at the half and they won't come back tt season sean evans drops twenty four and fifteen and k d c with its eighty five to seventy two. that does for me near the sports center this has been speeding shed setback at midnight. the latest in a world of sports. moon. eye. a looks like a pleasant autumn weather it is over for a while there's rain in the forecast over the weekend i threaded the south with covert striking but down at the leather etc put down the evening sun and sea and sun medicine and is expected to rain over the weekend and its allies to bring find out front i now love with it. now moving on to the art satellite
with them. small time that's when i came out this site is coming but fate is not with steve at nights and then the petsmart step as the streets and albany state acting since the place the daisy buchanan ninety of hands on a copy of the streets and take sats them to advance his us a sneak peek two men beginning a new adventure. sure it's the first us troops noble that spoken for years but it's also the first in the hands of illustrator to d congrats and well in rider johnny family. freckles when freckles oh yes nice guy meet the new character mack a lock. asterix and the fix is set in scotland. replete with stereotypes of kilts whiskey and bagpipes. conrad and joey say they wanted to find a fresh take on and the books that came before it i knew we were really constrained to respect the universe and style. it's art created from constraints constraints to respect the sixteen year career and illustrator of their leaders so in two thousand eleven he announced he would no longer be drawing the series and the supervise production in the latest book. andrew home when it's on the cover along n
and on the way france twenty four got caught. you can. a. is steve. you knew long ruling will the us. twenty authorities have arrested the people they think are responsible for the car crash near tiananmen square the suspects are believed to be leaders. rangers creating new dimension of medical practice. there are races by using light like forget isn't this the score with five when they beat on the advise of o
the eye. i go. . i do did you. i did. i am. be. it is. it is. i did it. view. it is. steve. you do. i did it we were in it. to do the game. i was. it is. and ch. a the new league. sure or scolding the book is a rusty so uber rock show. two of the month of sight. speed is director since two thousand and six. still makes show up all the students arrive on time was lovely i still get to it. one last ditch bid to show get the bomb us he is the issue it will feature local cpa which to distribute the little one up on it gonna start as a scene that improvements in its educational services before to follow that up by two thousand won only fifty thousands of white meat in children's court where tourists. this is international intervention beginners reason to eight million including premium goes up. but with five million children still out of school. if the government is working hard to provide them see the ducks this dish. for the doctrine of the top of the song well it was ugly. he says. they all put it out though the idea to eat it the central issue. sit back and you're kinda itchy and what not
ups labor market continues to remain in use at a stop in st stay erect heights state team sells. steve. the eye. i asked adam to you right now whether it's stealing no respite for the region's unemployed. the lesson stop its rated steel hovering at a record high of over twelve percent in september. bought a twenty eight member european union. unemployment remained unchanged at eleven percent. it's a fine job a much higher though in your school or three says germany's unemployment rate came in at five point two percent for september when those enabling all stripped wood paneled five percent europe's other economies high interest you getting the brunt of the downtrend over twenty four da peace and grace in your twenty three inspecting all the casting of reasons to love macro indicators that show your situation is improving. this the company down to the table like it. last to enter the european commission of employment so fast as in cushing gave us his take on europe's top situation. when the fed modal the stability of many jokes hundreds of thousands of the mom's been with the scum he de
that can attend as a symbol of mourning they'll do. we know steve friends. we just called sons of guns access to the doctor next week or next fortnight sanchez will still be and see it. his name sits behind me in the newsroom for me a card to real debate going. i scored tickets in. the report is released to a new country its aims. everyone stressed that the best medicine. he pinpointed she's going to pose a real connoisseur of africa. it was cautioned choose a person earring journalists of strong convictions it told of being a taurus meal of the technical challenge of guessing studio quality and very difficult circumstances it is forever busy taking care of something that all was a perfectionist it that the fiction instead. every da station has canceled the special program about money which they were working on it i thought i'd re offend and commitment to the platoon the knees. it's very important that charlie's go to war zones. because they don't go there. they want reports about what happens is that the patients and so it's very important for us to know what happens in zoe's was owen
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10